Kohls Free Shipping Promo Code 2020

15% Off $100 includes FREE SHIPPING from kohls.com

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15% OFF + Free Shipping on purchases over $25 at Kohls

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Hey there! Welcome to the Kohls Free Shipping Promo code 2020 page! As you can see above, I keep a list of all the free shipping codes on this page and I update the list every time a new one comes out and it’s added to the top. This means it’s possible that the ones at the bottom might be expired since the software I’m using makes it so I have to manually remove the coupons once they are expired so I usually don’t remove them the day they expire, just whenever I get around to checking to see if they are still active, which I try to do regularly. 

As you can see, the trend with Kohls is, there is almost always a kohls free shipping code for 2020 in the larger dollar ranges. Free shipping on 75 dollars or 100 dollars codes are almost always available, it’s those elusive free shipping on only a 25 dollar purchase at kohls that is the real special find. The problem is Kohls only releases these on special occasions, like labor day for instance. 

I was thinking about setting up an email list or text message service that alerts you when the free shipping for only $25 or $50 comes up. I wonder if there would be interest in this kind of service… I had the thought that maybe some people would save their shopping for when those kinds of kohls free shipping coupons are available. But maybe people are more impatient than that and just prefer to buy ASAP. “I MUST HAVE MY WATERPIK AND INSTAPOT NOW!”

The way my kohls shopping tends to go is: one a pleasant summer day, I drive by kohls and think to myself, “Well, I have some extra time, why not check out what’s on clearance at kohls today?” So I go in to browse, not necessarily intending to buy anything in particular. I make my way to the clearance hubs.. clothing first. You know, it’s almost kind of like discovering a hidden treasure to find those clearance hubs because while they DO have bright tags that advertises that they are a clearance hub, oftentimes it’s hard to see the hub even when you’re pretty close to it. I’m not sure if it’s the sizing of tags or just that the racks of clothes are rather close together.. but each time I go hunting it’s like a little scouting for hidden treasure and when i find a rack, I’m like YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SUCCESS!!!

Anyway, I check out the clothing first, both the male and female sections of the store so I scout for nice items for myself and my spouse. It’s kind of a throwback to that treasure hunting mindset when you have to slide each hanger to view every single item on the racks because almost every single one is different and I don’t want to miss a really cool shirt you know?

After the clothing racks, if my daughters are with me they usually head to the purse/mittens clearance. I always wondered why every winter they always want new gloves and mittens from kohls. I mean…. you got a couple pairs last year, I doubt they are already worn? I suppose it might be a collectors mindset type of strategy that kohls is employing because they tend to feature a variety of new patterns and colors in gloves and mittens, often featuring the touch material on thumbs and index fingers so the users can operate their smart phones with their gloves and mittens still on, which is kind of spiffy.

After that I check out the shoe clearance, there usually isn’t much there for me in shoes since my feet are a larger size and kohls doesn’t tend to carry my size in a variety of colors. However, my daughters seem to always want to pick out a new pair of boots from kohls when we’re browsing. I admit they do seem to have a quite large selection of boots compared to other department stores, or even shoe stores. Dare I say that boots are their specialty? I think the marketing strategy that hooks my daughters in is that often they can get boots for 60-75% off. They froth at the mouth at the prosect of savings to that degree. 

At this point, I usually head to the checkout and we pool our purchases to maximize how much kohls cash we can earn to spend at a later date. Then we go home of course, and I have to remind myself in a couple weeks time to spend that kohls cash. But alas what usually happens at this point is that I’m not in the mood to head all the way to the kohls department store, so I end up wanting to use my kohls cash online— this is where the above Free shipping kohls promo codes for 2020 come in handy!! It’s really convenient to have this page to come to so that people are able to see which codes are valid for free shipping. AND on top of that, usually the kohls free shipping codes STACK with a 15-30% off your entire purchase discount. You can’t beat that.

But then again… the process I detailed above is just for every day kohls shopping. BUT there is another kohls shopping experience I haven’t mentioned yet. Do you know what I’m getting at? You might have figured it out by now… yeah you probably have. Of course I’m talking about the Black Friday shopping extravaganza!

In the case of this event, if you’re wanting to get the early bird deals, of course you need to arrive at kohls earlier in the morning. Often they have a free or severely discounted piece of diamond jewelry featured as an early bird special. I know my daughters have coveted them once upon a time.

But the early bird deals aren’t the only treats you can expect on that special weekend, oh no. Last year the growing in popularity Insta pot pressure cooker was down to nearly 40 dollars! What a steal because you can cook things like rice and meat in nearly a fourth of the time it would take to cook on stovetop. I love how technology is driving us forward particularly in the kitchen. Kohls also sells air fryers which I have a feeling might be a featured item in the black friday sale this year.

I LOVE my air fryer. I use it way more than you might think I would. Reheating fries I use it for often but also to crisp up frozen tacos and more. It’s a fantastic device. It’s funny to think that 10 years ago almost no one had an air fryer and now you’re seeing them in more and more kitchens. Dare I say that Air fryers and Insta pots are the new dishwashers and laundry machines. Technology just keeps making daily life more and more easy!

Oh dear I’ve gone on a tangent it seems. Well, let’s conclude with this. Whether you need a Kohl’s free shipping Promo Code 2020 to use with your leftover kohls cash, or if you NEED an item desperately from kohls as soon as possible or you just happen to enjoy online shopping better than the department store experience, this page will be waiting for you with regularly updated free delivery codes for kohls.

Thanks again for your time and hope to see you later in the year! Ciao.